Organic Bombay Masala Chai


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A robust blend of organic black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. This synthesis of bold yet gentle flavors makes us feel like we’re exploring the hustling and bustling streets of Bombay, while fully delving into their daily ritual of conversion over tea breaks (a tradition called chai-wallah).


100% Plastic Free Pyramid Teabags. BIODEGRADABLE AND SAFE! 

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Little Black Tin (15 Pyramid Teabags)

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Organic indian black tea, ginger root, cinnamon chips, green cardamom with a hint of vanilla

Steeping Notes

1.25 Tea Spoon | Add Water 100°C/212°F | 3-5 Minutes

Tasting Notes

a smooth masala chai blend with hints of vanilla and cinnamon

8 reviews for Organic Bombay Masala Chai

  1. Anonymous

    So good!

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  2. Sweet_Dreamer

    This was the first of the Chai Diaries Teas I tried and I was in love at the first sip. I like my tea English style occasionally, it is a bit of a “comfort food for me, so for my next cup I added a little half & half (tho I will use French Vanilla Coffee Creamer when I have it). I like to do this with teas that won’t ‘break’ or separate when “creamer” is added and chai seldom does. You can also use heavy cream or milk, if preferred. However, I always test every new tea I get! I place a small amount of the brewed tea into a small cup or bowl, then I add my creamer of choice and stir, then I leave it for at least 20 seconds to see if it breaks or separates. I never ever add creamer to a full mug of new, untested tea, because who wants to waste a tasty mug of tea by having the creamer separate (aka break), especially if it is a fabulous mug of Chai Diaries Tea!! That would make me cry! Besides Chai Diaries teas are terrific just as they are, they don’t need anything added to make them taste good! For me English style tea is just sort of like a comfort food.

    So many Chai Diaries Teas to try! Where Do I start?! So glad I checked out your website. My local grocery only carries 3 types of Chai Diaries Teas.
    Ami, I hope you will keep creating new blends, you truly are gifted and talented! Thank you for sharing your gifts & talents as well as your awesome teas with the world!!

    P.S. Teas with citrus added are guaranteed to break when dairy or coffee creamer (even a non-dairy one) is added.

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  3. Reita K.

    One of my favorites that I was first introduced to at the Northwest Tea Festival.

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  4. Stephanie H.

    We LOVE this tea.

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  5. Erin Whitener

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  6. Connie

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  7. Gabby Kauffmann

    This is the tea that made me fall in love with Chai Diaries over 3yrs ago. I am a loyal fan and love giving the adorable tins as gifts. Great flavor and body and just the right amount of spice

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  8. Shearol

    Good Tea. This is awesome, I really like the flavor of this tea. Can not have as much as I like because my doctor says no caffeine.

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    • Chai Diaries

      Thank you Shearol for the love! Since caffeine may be a problem, we are happy to tell you that we also have the organic herbal chai which is Rooibos based and caffeine free!! Tea-up!!!

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