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Organic Bombay Masala Chai

There is something chaotic yet poetic about Bombay! We love the hustle bustle, colors and chai-wallah-breaks there! In an attempt to capture these distinct memories we created this tea. A robust blend of organic black tea, ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom and other natural flavors, this pays homage to the daily ritual of conversation and tea breaks!

Hibiscus Rose

A splash of self-care, indulge in this refreshing, all-natural blend. With fruity apple and mango, tangy hibiscus and beautiful rose, it’s a delicious caffeine-free infusion that tastes amazing both hot and iced.

Contains (2) Little Black Tins.

  • 15 Organic Bombay Masala Chai Pyramid Teabags
  • 15 Hibiscus Rose Pyramid Teabags

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100% Plastic Free Pyramid Teabags. BIODEGRADABLE AND SAFE! 

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Weight .14 lbs
Caffeine Content


Organic Bombay Masala Chai

Organic indian black tea, ginger root, cinnamon chips, green cardamom with a hint of vanilla

Hibiscus Rose

Rosehips, hibiscus, apple pieces, elderberry pieces, raspberry pieces, blueberry flavor, mango flavor, orange flavor

Steeping Notes

Organic Bombay Masala Chai

1.25 Tea Spoon | Add Water 100°C/212°F | 3-5 Minutes

Hibiscus Rose

Bring fresh filtered water to a boil at 205°F (96°C)

Pour 8oz of water over the teabag

Steep for 3-5 minutes

Tasting Notes

Organic Bombay Masala Chai

a smooth masala chai blend with hints of vanilla and cinnamon


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