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Everything you love about a chai latte packaged in a convenient 2 oz pouch.

When it comes to our Masala Chai, it’s personal. This is a blend created by our founder’s mother and continues to be passed from generation to generation. It was designed to deliver all the great benefits chai has to offer with a kiss of sweetness and without the cleanup. Stay energized, support your immune health and reduce inflammation with our Insta Masala Chai Latte.

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14 Oz Zip Pouch, 2.2 Lb Zip Pouch


Caffeine Content

12 oz latte serving has 68mg of caffeine


Dairy Whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar), Sugar, Tea Extract, Masala (Cardamon, Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Nutmeg)

Steeping Notes

Hot Chai
Pour 8 oz of boiling hot water or milk over 3 tbsp of Chai (add more or less chai to taste). Stir and enjoy.

Chai on Ice
Combine 3 tbsp of Chai with 2 oz hot water or milk. Pour over a cup of ice. Add another 1/2 cup of water or milk.

Chai Ice Blend
Combine in a blender 1/2 cup of milk, 5 tbsp of Chai and 1 cup ice. Blend well.

Once opened, transfer this product to an airtight glass container

15 reviews for Insta Masala Chai

  1. Laurel Gross

    We love this blend, so aromatic and delicious. We use to flavor our Chia Pudding as well enjoy as a beverage.

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  2. Tara Casey

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  3. Mohan

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  4. Sara

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  5. Danielle H.

    This chai has spoiled me for good. I can no longer drink any other. It HAS to be Chai Diaries Insta Masala!

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  6. Patricia Chou

    I’ve been wanting to try this insta chai mix for the longest time (been making my own using the Bombay Masala Tea bags). This insta chai mix saves time AND it tastes AMAZING!!!! It is perfect for a hot/cold day. Bring it with you on your trip and you just save yourself a lot of time and money! Get it and try it and you won’t regret it 😉

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  7. Anna

    This is the best – sooooo good and perfect for making My favorite drink iced dirty chai at home! Saving so much money I love this product

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  8. Danielle

    I ALWAYS love my Chai Diaries Instant Masala Chai mix. It’s the best you could ever find. Only thing that would make it better for my lifestyle is a dairy-free version!

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  9. Danielle H.

    I can no longer drink ANY kind of chai besides Chai Diaries Masala Chai. The flavor is unlike any other and is my #1 drink of choice!! Thank you, Chai Diaries!

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  10. holly.lasee

    I love chai and do my best to sample chai’s wherever I go. This chai is hands down THE BEST I have ever had! I has wonderful spicy notes with the perfect amount of sweetness. Also it’s not overloaded with sugar like many others.

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    • Ami Bhansali

      We are so happy to hear this! Thank You so much

  11. Kelly

    I mix this with oat milk, I’m addicted.

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  12. Michelle

    IMO this is the best instant chai available. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way bc it seems to ALWAYS be sold out.

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  13. Patti Cook

    I am pleased with the tea but not so happy with how long it takes to get it.

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  14. Anonymous

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  15. Anonymous

    Purchased some of the Insta Masala Chai at World Market with low expectations because I am picky about my chai. Normally homemade is the only way to go for me but this stuff was delicious!! I am super impressed and no chemicals or preservatives!! My life was just made so much easier. I went through a 10 oz bag in three days so now I am ordering straight from the source.

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