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For when you need a warm herbal hug, our Cardamom Chai Latte is for you! This soothing and peppery mixture fills you with all the goodness of an authentic cup of chai, but with the convenience of a 1-step process. With green cardamom coursing through this blend, you’ll be ready to ward off any common cold or bacteria this flu season.

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Weight 0.875 lbs

14 Oz Zip Pouch, 2.2 Lb Zip Pouch, Case of 6 (Six 14oz)


Caffeine Content

12 oz latte serving has 68mg of caffeine


Dairy Whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar), Sugar, Tea Extract & Cardamon

Steeping Notes

Hot Chai
Pour 8 oz of boiling hot water or milk over 3 tbsp of Chai (add more or less chai to taste). Stir and enjoy.

Chai on Ice
Combine 3 tbsp of Chai with 2 oz hot water or milk. Pour over a cup of ice. Add another 1/2 cup of water or milk.

Chai Ice Blend
Combine in a blender 1/2 cup of milk, 5 tbsp of Chai and 1 cup ice. Blend well.

Once opened, transfer this product to an airtight glass container

10 reviews for Insta Cardamom Chai

  1. Mohan

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  2. jordanakopin

    I fell in love with a delicious spice the first time I ever ate Indian food and I discovered that the spice was called cardamom so I was really excited to see that there was a Cardamom Chai from Chai Diaries. It was the first time I tasted any of Chai Diaries. I don’t usually buy insta chai products because of the powdery chalk residue that seems to always remain in the cup no matter how much you stir so I was thrilled to see that there was no residue at all after I stirred in the chai. Then came the first sip which made me feel like I had left the ground and went to heaven! I have never tasted any chai so delicious in my life. After that first sip, there was no chalk at all on my tongue. But what lingered there afterwards was the delicious and intoxicating flavor of cardamom. The flavor that stays on your tongue sip after sip is not too strong but is the perfect memory of what you just tasted moments before. I love this tea so much! As a mental health therapist, I’m often giving other mothers advice to take time out for themselves. But as a busy working mom of two kids myself, it is often difficult to get that time in. Drinking Chai Diaries is one of the best ways for me to feel like I’m getting in a little bit of “me” time even on the busiest days.

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  3. Mary S.

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  4. Anna

    I decided to give this flavor a go since i already had the classic masala flavor and it didn’t disappoint! If you like cardamom, you’ll love this.

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  5. Jennifer P.

    A random purchase and we’re in for life. Delicious.

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  6. Austin

    Fantastic flavor

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  7. Gwenyth Haney

    Cardamom Is The Bomb! I stumbled across this stuff at a World Market over a year ago and I’ve ordered it several times (online) since! It is my go-to drink in the morning…afternoon…or in the evening- I LOVE it soooo much. If you like cardamom- you will LOVE this insta-chai… so give it a try….now! -G. Haney

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  8. Marcia Ragonetti

    Love At First Spice! I REALLY love this premix! I used to buy my Chai mix at Costco but there was so much hidden sugar in it, I had to give it up. Then I discovered this…originally at World Market (but alas, it was no longer carried) and then later, after some searching, online. I have also tried Ginger, Masala, Lemongrass etc — all great– but CARDAMOM remains my absolute favorite!!!

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  9. Sandy

    Chai Diaries Insta Cardamon Chai And Ginger Chai. I love the Insta Cardamon Chai and Ginger. It appears that my local store, World Market, is not carrying this anymore, such a disappointment. With the instant I can make my tea strong or lite. Perfect for a rainy day on the couch with my cat and books.

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  10. Anonymous

    Love It! I came looking online for this because I love it and now it seems my store only has it in tea bag form. I want to keep getting it in bags so I can make it as strong or weak as I want each day. It is yummy, and so easy – crucial sometimes, lol.

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