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White Champagne Raspberry

Raise your glass for this party starter! Playful and intoxicating, this white tea is blended together with natural champagne and raspberry flavors for a beguiling brew that is light, fruity and enticing. Have the ice buckets ready for this will call for a daylong celebration! Pop, fizz, clink!

Organic Zingy Workout

Combining pu’erh and ginger is like creating a magnificent force of nature! Natural medicine’s best weapons and ginger for digestion! Blended with a hint of orange peel, this makes a delish, zesty morning tea! A work out never tasted better!

Contains (2) Little Black Tins.

  • 15 White Champagne Raspberry Pyramid Teabags
  • 15 Organic Zingy Workout Pyramid Teabags

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100% Plastic Free Pyramid Teabags. BIODEGRADABLE AND SAFE! 

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Weight .14 lbs
Caffeine Content


White Champagne Raspberry

White tea, safflowers with champagne flavor and red raspberry flavors

Organic Zingy Workout

Slimming pu’erh with organic ginger & orange peel


Steeping Notes

White Champagne Raspberry

1 Tea Spoon | Add Water 80°C/176°F | 4-6 Minutes

Organic Zingy Workout

1 Tea Spoon | Add Water 96°C/205°F | 4-7 Minutes

Tasting Notes

White Champagne Raspberry


Organic Zingy Workout

Earthy Character of Pu’erh Is Balanced With Ginger & Citrus Notes

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