Crystal Energy Tea Sets: Protection


Feel Secure in Your Space!

Take your manifestation practice to a whole new level with our Crystal Energy Tea Set. Chai Diaries Chamomile Lavender tea coupled with a charming amethyst tumble dispels negative emotions of anger, resentment and unexpressed frustrations. Inspired by the restorative power of this tea to soothe and calm, and the symbolism of the amethyst crystal, this ensemble promotes a deep sense of warmth and vibrant energy filled with security and calmness.


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  • 1 Little Black Tin with 15 ct biodegradable pyramid teabags
  • 1 Amethyst Crystal Tumble for Protection
  • 1 Signature Dust Bag to carry your Crystal/teabags

Crystals are ethically sourced, real, and natural.
The description provided about crystals and stone is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Images are for representation only, candle not included.

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How to Use

Welcome to the most magical part of your self-care ritual!

Your pre-cleansed Crystal is ready to be charged with your intention (you can cleanse it again with Sage if you like before your first use)

You can place the Charged crystal in/with your Tea Tin (remember to remove crystal before steeping and drinking tea!)

As you sip your now charged tea, focus on your intention. You can hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand. Your focused breath out, on to your crystal, continues to charge it with what you wish to manifest.

You can customise this ritual to your personal practice. You can play some music, light a candle, whatever gets you in the mood!



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