Three Generations Of Tea

Inspired by three generations of tea heritage and established in Los Angeles since 2013 by Ami Bhansali, Chai Diaries Tea has been offering connoisseurs and gourmands specialty blends and high quality traditional teas. Distributed all over America, Chai Diaries Tea blends are appreciated for their exciting aromas, pleasant tastes and smoothness of their flavors.


Page From Our Diary

Ami was inspired to create Chai Diaries following one of her first “awakenings” in India. She spent several years traveling within the country and was determined to create a sustainable business that upheld and demonstrated the values of “self-realization through daily activities”, a concept that fosters individual consciousness and profitable capitalism. Simply stated: “Discover yourself, discover your purpose, discover peace”.

“Uncompromising in taste and convenient to carry, our teas are where souls reconnect and friendships are forged over the shared appreciation of magnificent teas and good company.  In a space where freshness comes alive, possibilities mingle with reality and aromatic smells from lands afar stoke the imagination, there will always be a place for your thoughts over our teas.”

– Ami Bhansali , Founder

Creating Our Logo

Chai Diaires Logo Creating

Chai Diaries is built on three important things – pure teas, our sincerity & the honesty of a diary. We wanted to reflect this in our identity and design. Many ideas later we crafted a logo that would mean everything we believe in.