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Free 2 oz White Pomegranate passion with every tea purchase of $50 (plus free shipping!) **Deal expires Aug 29**
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Inspired by three generations of tea heritage and established in Los Angeles since 2013 by Ami Bhansali, Chai Diaries Tea has been offering connoisseurs and gourmets specialty blends and high quality traditional teas. Distributed all over America, Chai Diaries Tea blends are appreciated for their exciting aromas, pleasant tastes and smoothness of their flavors.

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Bell Glass Teapot with Basket Infuser 43oz

The stylish bell-shaped glass teapot, complete with the Basket Infuser with handle and the Push-on-Lid, allows you to remove the infuser at the optimal time!
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Bola Glass Teapot with Basket Infuser 25oz

An enchanting dance of aroma and color will unfold before your eyes in this stylish sphere glass teapot.
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Teabag Teapot 12oz

The lid stays in place as it pours smoothly. The teapot is made of porcelain for maximum quality and function
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Mist Ice Tea Jug For Cold-brew 68oz.

MIST Ice Tea Jug is designed for a simple way of making the cold-steeping ice tea. The double ring silicone gasket ensures lid from falling off when serving. The 0.5 mm hole stainless-steel filter catches tea leaves and gives you smooth pouring.
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